LALCA 2023 Registration

LALCA 2023 Registration

The IASLC 2023 Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer will take place January 25 – 27, 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay. International and national speakers will discuss the science and advances in the treatment and prevention of lung cancer and thoracic malignancies worldwide and Latin America.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022

IASLC kicks off Lung Cancer Awareness Month this year with the latest Position Statement on Tobacco Cessation After a Cancer Diagnosis.
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TTLC 2023 Abstract Submission is Now Open

Submit Your Scientific Abstract Today!

The Scientific Program Committee for the IASLC 2023 Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer Meeting is inviting the submission of scientific abstracts.
The deadline to submit is December 2, 2022
LALCA 2023 Registration
Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022
TTLC 2023 Abstract Submission is Now Open


澳洲8预测开奖结果-澳洲幸运8开奖结果168 The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer

The IASLC is a global multidisciplinary organization dedicated to eradication of all forms of lung cancer. From provision of educational events around the world and virtually to research projects and publications that advance the science of lung cancer, the IASLC's members—consisting of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, as well as other thoracic oncology specialists such as nurses, basic scientists, pathologists, radiologists, pulmonologists, statisticians, patient research advocates, patients, and their caregivers—are raising the bar for care of patients with lung cancer.

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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2022 IASLC Position Statement on Tobacco Cessation After a Cancer Diagnosis

Authored by the IASLC Tobacco Control & Smoking Cessation Committee

Tobacco use is a well-established cause of cancer and contributes to about 1 in 3 cancer deaths. Whereas the harmful effects of smoking on health are well recognized, the negative impacts of continued smoking after a diagnosis of cancer are underappreciated. The substantial body of research reviewed in the 2014 US Surgeon General’s Report concluded that smoking by cancer patients and survivors causes adverse outcomes, including increased overall mortality and cancer-related mortality, greater risk of a second primary cancer, and associations with substantially worse toxicity from cancer treatments. The clinical effects of smoking after a diagnosis of cancer also substantially increase the cost of cancer care. The 2020 US Surgeon General’s Report reported that smoking cessation after a cancer diagnosis is associated with improved survival, and quitting smoking provides significant benefits for non-cancer-related health outcomes. 


New Translations of the IASLC IHC Atlas are available! From IHC biochemistry basics to identifying biomarkers, this text provides a comprehensive view of diagnostic IHC in a reader-friendly format.

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澳洲幸运8开奖结果官网预测|澳洲幸运8正规开奖记录-体彩开奖历史 IASLC Language Guide

In line with the IASLC Equity Statement and in step with the ASCO Language of Respect, we are proud to announce the release of the IASLC Language Guide. The guide was established to instill best practices with commonly used phrases related to patient care. The IASLC will be folding the language found in the guide into all aspects of thoracic oncology education, from abstracts to faculty guidelines to podium presentations. 

Our Impact

8,000+ members from over 100 countries, all united by a single goal: to conquer thoracic cancers worldwide.

Our Impact

8,000+ members from over 100 countries, all united by a single goal: to conquer thoracic cancers worldwide.

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Our Work

The IASLC Staging Project

The IASLC Staging Project is a global effort to study and improve the current staging system for lung cancer, mesothelioma, thymic and esophageal cancer.

Lung Ambition Alliance

The IASLC has formed an alliance with three other founding organizations to allow scientists, specialists, advocates, and patients to break the barriers limiting progress and double 5-year survival rates of lung cancer by 2025.

In Numbers

8,000+ members from over 100 countries, all united by a single goal: to conquer thoracic cancers worldwide.
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IASLC Meeting
Apr 19 - Apr 21 2023
April 19-22, 2023
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168澳洲幸运8官方在线结果 Journal of Thoracic Oncology & JTO Clinical and Research Reports

Lung and thoracic specialists count on the IASLC’s journals to provide perspective on innovation in prevention, detention, diagnosis and cutting-edge treatments. As a leading medical journal, JTO focuses on lung and thoracic cancers and is dedicated to presenting original research reviews and opinions from a wide range of disciplines within the medical community. JTO CRR, the official open access journal of the IASLC, complements the JTO by offering authors a gold open access publication option. 

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